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August 31, 2011

I figure it would be polite to give everyone an update… huh ??

So.. I’ve moved.. yup.. Got a few blogs now…

First one.. … I post my “FyF w/ D.Booey (The d is silent)” videos there. Here’s a taste:

Then we got, where I post about Google related stuff. for Android related stuff… because Android is sooooo AWESOME ! for shit that is only valuable to geeks..

Go check them.. UHHH !!

MOVING… soon

May 27, 2010

I’m gonna be moving my blog to a different server soon. Just thought I’d let my loyal followers know. Things might get messy.. hoping it doesn’t.. I didn’t realize the limitations had… I also found it strange that we aren’t allowed to run ads, but they are..


PS. Can any suggest where I should move to ? preferably something i can run ads on so it’ll help pay for the hosting, and something painless… kinda dreading the whole process right now. I’m thinking .. thoughts ???

HULU trying to block HotSpot Shield. Hell No.

May 27, 2010

Earlier, I made a post on how to watch hulu from outside of the United States.

The link can be found HERE

Well I had a bit of a scare the other night when I tried to log on and I came across the message above. Some crap about me going through a proxy, and how it was frowned upon. Whatever.

I figured out how to get it back and going.

1. Log off of hulu and disconnect from Hotspot Shield
2. Clear Cache on browser
3. Re connect to hotspot shield
4. Log back onto hulu

BAM. No more annoying message. ENJOY

Man sets himself on fire and jumps off Budapest bridge.

May 25, 2010

I know I’ve been away for a while. I was moving. But now I’m back.. and I’m back with a BANG .. maybe.

There’s a video going around that supposedly JUST happened. It’s of a man who supposedly commited suicide by lighting himself on fire, and then jumping off a bridge in Budapest. There was a copy on Youtube, but it was taken down due to violations of terms… blah blah blah.

The video can be found HERE (I just uploaded it to youtube)

Well I’m gonna call this one a FAKE. I think they were just filming something.

You can clearly see a crane on the left hand side of the video, and it looks like the guy is wearing some kind of protective fake face mask.

I’ll try and upload the video to my youtube account in a second, captioning it “Man sets self on fire on movie set” and see what happens

EDIT:: I’ve uploaded the video to youtube and it is live.

EDIT #2:: Ok. Looks like I was wrong, and it WAS a suicide. I found pictures that show the crane was NOT a camera crane, and the after math of the jump.

WARNING: pictures are NSFW

EDIT #3: I realize this isn’t fake as I originally thought. At the time I originally posted it, I couldn’t find anything on the internet about it. So I came to the conclusion that it was fake since it was so vague. Im sure I wasnt the only one that thought this. So this is for everyone else, like me, who thought it was fake. It DEFINITELY was real. RIP.

Vintage Whitney Houston vs Present Whitney

April 19, 2010

Poor Whitney’s lost it =o(

I recently watched a video of Whitney Houston performing her signature song – I Will Always Love You in Korea for her Nothing But Love Tour, and it was HORRIBLE. This is not the Whitney Houston I remembered. I am old enough to remember her live performances at the Grammys in 1994, and her Diva Live performance in 1999. Those performances, to this day, still makes me smile to listen to and to watch. Best live performance in 1999. Vocals were beautiful and she looked so happy while she was performing.

THAT is the Whitney Houston I shall choose to remember. Here is a youtube video of her 1999 performance… Beautiful !!! ::

See ? That is the Whitney Houston that we all SHOULD remember. Now I understand that the human voice changes over time, and that she is exhausted from the amount of shows she has lined up, or that… I don’t know what other excuses I can make up, but the following performance that she just did in Korea, is NOT the way we should remember Whitney. It was very hard to watch the following video, which is why I had to post a video of her in her prime first.

I can’t even tell you enjoy the following video. Just try and watch it… it’s heart breaking.

I hope you get well Whitney, and bring the old Whitney back.

FREE $20 PSN !

April 16, 2010

Make sure you follow me at @i3ooey so you get all my updates and the random free shit I throw out there.

Send me a reply if you happen to be the one that grabs that.

Stay tuned for more.


*UPDATE* @wargamer snagged it up.

First Album of Amusing Photos: Collection 001

April 15, 2010

Click to enlarge (an already large forehead)

When I’m bored, I usually browse the net for really random shit. Here is my first collection of photos that I’ve come across that has amused me.

I shall make this post in honor of Tila’s friend with the REALLY LARGE forehead !

I present: Amusing photos 001

I’m also only presenting this because I found the “insert gallery” option in wordpress. =o) Enjoy

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Ashley Dupree Nude in Playboy *NSFW*

April 15, 2010

Have you heard ?? I’ve MOVED bitches !!! UHHHHH !!! Go Here :

There’s a bad ass video there !! UHHH !!

You guys remember that bitch of a call girl who slept with Eliot Spitzer ? There was a HUGE scandal, and it was all in the papers. Then new came out that she was on a Girls Gone Wild video some where out there on the internet (STORY). I know each and everyone one of you out there searched and searched for this girl. The only problem was… we didn’t know how to spell her name !. Was it Ashley Dupree ? Ashley Dupre ? Ashley Dupré ? How do you even type the e with the accent mark ? …. é …. PSHH. Then when you finally find a video to download on limewire or a torrent, the shit is FAKE..

Well your wait if over fellow pervs out there. Ashley posed for Playboy.. and here are the photos. There are tons more at, so give them a visit.

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“Cannot Watch this video outside of the United States” .. until now !

April 6, 2010

The above is what you would see if you were to watch from outside of the United States – “Unfortunately this video is not currently available in your country or region. We apologize for the inconvenience.”.  This is what I see when I go to the site, I live in Canada. This is not just limited to There are some videos embedded on some sites, that won’t play because I am not in the United States. I get the message: “You cannot watch this video outside the United States”

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Girl posts Blackberry PIN, then gets posted on

April 5, 2010

click to enlarge

I was browsing, vancouver section, and I came across this post. Now I just think its funny because the girl posted her BBM (Blackberry Messenger) on her profile. Why would anyone do that ? Silly silly girl.

I can only IMAGINE how much her phone is blowing up right now.. poor girl. Yet… I cant help but laugh at her.

anyways, heres the link to the site:

– Mike