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Review:: Super QWERTY for the BLACKBERRY

December 9, 2009

I have to apologize for the time it took for this review. This review was on my laptop which I did not have access to until today. So here it is. Enjoy!


Beside Blackberry Messenger 5.0, my mostly used app on my blackberry is Super QWERTY.

Most of the new users to blackberry do not use the shortcut feature on the blackberry because the device comes set to “dial from homscreen” by default. Ppl get used to this first because they dont even know about the shortcut feature, and then its hard to switch over. But let me tell you, once you switch over, you’ll never go back.

A little history on the shortcuts:

When blackberry first came out with the RIM 950, they had shortcuts to help navigate the apps easier. This meant less scrolling of the trackwheel, and more productivity.

This shortcut feature was default up until, I believe, the 6xxx series. The trackwheel has now been moved to the side of the device, and the blackberry itself is marketed more as a phone as well. Since then, any key you typed, takes you to the the address book. I didnt care for this at all. This meant I had to scroll to get to the app I wanted. If you ppl remember, with the trackwheel, there is only scrolling up and down. So it takes even longer to get to the app I wanted because I would have to scroll through all the unwanted apps first.

Shortcuts saves time ! And was easily turned back on by turning off “dial from homescreen”

Well as the time went on. Shortcuts started dissappearing from the list, PLUS!, the list was pretty limited and there was no way to assign your own shortcuts…… until now!.

Enter the age of Super QWERTY, an app I promise will change your life.

With the current list of shortcuts, I do not have a need to even have the icons on the screen. I hide all my icons because they are not useless. For example, the Message icon is hidden because with the stock list of shortcuts, I am able to easily navigate to the message list be simply pressing M. Now instead of pressing a letter to start dialing from the homescreen, and/or navigating to the address book, I can press A to get there quicker. I not longer need to navigate there with the trackball/wheel/pad so I am able to hide these icon, there by, cleaning up my screen.

However I still had to keep some icons on screen because there was no shortcut for those apps. Will thanks to Super QWERTY, that has all changed.

This is my homescreen now:

I barely have anything on the screen ! Helps to confuse those nosey snoopy boyfriends or girlfriends too =o)

I started looking for a way to add shortcuts when I got my bold 9700 and noticed the Profile shortcut was gone. I used that app a lot, and I found it much quicker to type F than to navigate to the profile icon. Super QWERTY brought back my profile shortcut, PLUS gave me so many more. Assigning shortcuts was SUPER easy too.

Super QWERTY is an app. It does not bring back the shortcut directly from the homescreen again. What you have to do first is launch Super QWERTY, and then u can choose the shortcuts from the list on screen. Super QWERTY however does have a shortcut from the homescreen, “Q”. So for instance, instead of pressing F from the homescreen to get to my profiles, I would have to press Q first (to launch Super QWERTY), then press F. This hold true for any other app that you assign. This doesnt get in the way at all, and after playing around with it, you start to get the hang of it VERY quickly. Here’s a screenshot of the Super QWERTY, with the profile already assigned to the [f] key.

To assign shortcuts, all you have to do is launch the app by pressing Q from the homescreen. Hit the app button (the button with the blackberry logo on it), select [Set Shortcuts]:

After Super Qwerty has been set in [Set Shortcut Mode], you start selecting applications you want to assign shortcuts to, select the key to assign to the app, and like Chef Emeril Lagasse, BAM !!!, your shortcuts are set.

There are a few things though, as of this review, version 1.0.0, the application does not list ALL applications on your blackberry. Some that quickly come to my mind are the Clock, and the Blackberry App World. The good news is I have been in contact with Owen, the developer of the app, and more applications should be added to the list. I also made a few suggestions, which he will take into consideration.

Take your time and give the application a try.You can download it at:,-One-key-to-access-all-applications

You can follow IMMMOOO on twitter at:

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PS: I really wanted everyone to try this APP out, so I convinced Owen to allow me to give out a free copy of Super QWERTY. All you have to do is RETWEET this tweet on twitter and add me:

I’m hoping to spread the word as much as possible, so RETWEET people !!!! RETWEET !!!!!

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