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I love the Opera Mini 5 beta 2 browser for the Blackberry

February 11, 2010

Did you blackberry users out there know that there was a mobile version of Wikipedia ?

I did not. Everytime I clicked on a wikipedia link that I googled from the default browser, it takes me to the full version of the wiki site:

Anyone that has tried to open wikipedia sites on the default browser on the berry knows that it painful to watch load.

The address that the berry browser opens is:
(For that bulldog screen cap)

To open the mobile version of the site, you add an “m.” before the wikipedia. So it would look like:

The mobile version loads so much faster, and I had no idea it existed until I opened it up with Opera Mini 5 beta 2.

I clicked on a wikipedia link which I googled and this popped up:

The MOBILE version of wikipedia. The funny thing is, the browser will open up the mobile version even though you type in the address of the full version. I know… Cool !!!

But I’m not excited about Opera Mini for the blackberry because it opens up mobile versions of websites. I’m excited about it because its super duper fast.

Opening the full version of the bulldog wikipedia on the blackberry default browser took about 10-31 seconds to fully open. (I opened it a few times, and the times varied so much.)

Opening the mobile version of the site took about 7 seconds to load. But you would have to type in the address manually.

I did some digging around, and found out you’d have to set the browser to wap only or something like that for the browser to open up the wiki site in mobile all the time… Whatever..

Opening both mobile and full sites in Opera Mini took 6 seconds flat. BAM!. You’d be excited too!.

So many new doors opening up now with this. I’m actually excited right now just typing this.

The browser DOES take a bit of getting used to.

The main screen looks kinda like the Google Chrome browser’s main screen which a bunch of tiny windows of the most visited sites:

The difference is that you can edit it. It took me a while to figure out how, but you highlight the window, and you pressed 1. I don’t have the pressed alt then 1, just press the w key. An option pops up for you to edit.

The 1/W key seems to be the menu key. Similar to the button just right of your trackpad/ball.

If you highlight the location bar and high 1, you have option to paste, copy, etc.

I’m still playing with the browser, but space is still page down, but so is 8. 5 is zoom in/out. And 4 and 6 is to scroll left and right respectively. And 2 is page up.

Like I said, I’m still playing with the browser, so I’m still figuring things out.

Supposity, you can change skins, but I haven’t figured out how yet on this version.

Oh, and did I mention?… There’s tabbed browsing too..

I haven’t figured how to close the tabs yet though..

Still loving this browser over the default one big time.

Download it at: Download Opera Mini from you blackberry browser

If the link doesn’t work, go to I’m typing this on wordpress for my berry so I’m getting used to some of the options.

Anyways, my thumbs are getting tired. Enjoy the app.

I’m out


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