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What did you buy your laptop for ?

March 20, 2010

I was  surfing the internet when I came across this image. It gave me a pretty good chuckle because it is 100% true in my case, so I decided to share it with everyone. I live in an apartment, so I can’t really fit too many TVs in my place. I have a 42inch lcd in my living room, and I wanted something in my bedroom, but space was limited. I got a Slingbox (best invention ever btw.. ) and I got a lil net book so I can watch tv in my bed.

When I figured out that my goal in live was to become a blogger/vlogger, blogging and vlogging about absolutely nothing in life, I went out and had to upgrade my netbook. My netbook was running linux, and I was using Kden live to edit my videos, but the lil thing couldn’t handle all the processing power. I had to upgrade and get a new laptop for the sole purpose of computing in my bed. Now I can blog/vlog , surf, and watch TV via my Slingbox in the comfort of my bed.

Ahhhh.. laziness… gotta love it

Anyways. That’s all.


PS: got myself a Sony Vaio with a I7 core processor… just for any of the geeks out there wondering what I got.  =o)

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