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Vintage Whitney Houston vs Present Whitney

April 19, 2010

Poor Whitney’s lost it =o(

I recently watched a video of Whitney Houston performing her signature song – I Will Always Love You in Korea for her Nothing But Love Tour, and it was HORRIBLE. This is not the Whitney Houston I remembered. I am old enough to remember her live performances at the Grammys in 1994, and her Diva Live performance in 1999. Those performances, to this day, still makes me smile to listen to and to watch. Best live performance in 1999. Vocals were beautiful and she looked so happy while she was performing.

THAT is the Whitney Houston I shall choose to remember. Here is a youtube video of her 1999 performance… Beautiful !!! ::

See ? That is the Whitney Houston that we all SHOULD remember. Now I understand that the human voice changes over time, and that she is exhausted from the amount of shows she has lined up, or that… I don’t know what other excuses I can make up, but the following performance that she just did in Korea, is NOT the way we should remember Whitney. It was very hard to watch the following video, which is why I had to post a video of her in her prime first.

I can’t even tell you enjoy the following video. Just try and watch it… it’s heart breaking.

I hope you get well Whitney, and bring the old Whitney back.

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